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"Nothing To See Here..." Jeff's Ill-Advised Rant About The Press...

So first of all, we had a great show at AXPONA. We exhibited with some great partners. All 6 of the rooms we were in sounded great. Lot's of people told us they came to the show specifically because they wanted to experience EXOGAL products. And perhaps best of all, we sold some stuff! 

But I have a small bone to pick with the Audio Press. First of all, let me say "I get it." The show is 3 days long, and only open for a total of 22 hours. At best you can spend quality time in 40-45 rooms, assuming you skip lunch and don't yak it up with your buddies (which we all do!) 

But I can't tell you how much it frustrates me, and all the small manufacturers like EXOGAL when reviewers either take a quick peek into the room and then dart back out, or they ignore us entirely. Then the show reports start coming out and they all gush about Von Shweikert, or Magico, or all the other Uber-expensive gear and then follow it up with a lament that there is nothing affordable at the show. 

Had you bothered to follow what some of our competitors called "the sweetest digital sound, ever" and come into room 506, you'd have seen an amazing system that would blow the walls off your house. Even more impressive, the EXOGAL stuff and the Antipodes Server would fit into a normal end-table and the PureAudioProject speakers would make beautiful music without being your typical audio eyesore. And you could own the entire system for under $17,000. Or as we like to think about it: 1/5 the cost of a pair of Magico speakers for an all-in, kick-ass system. 

Customers found us. Our Competitors certainly found us. The Bill Collectors find us. What the Hell is wrong with you? 

If you're supposedly looking for systems like ours, how hard are you looking? You're not helping bring new customers into the hobby by focusing on the big, expensive old stuff from the past! 

We'd like to thank our partners at PureAudioProject (http://www.pureaudioproject.com/) Antipodes Audio (http://antipodesaudio.com/) and Verastarr Cables (http://verastarr.com/) and we'd like to emphasize that they had nothing to do with this rant!

Thanks for listening! Thanks especially to our customers for hunting us down and continuing to support our work!


A Brief Rant


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Thursday, 19 July 2018

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