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Introducing EXOGAL

Extraordinary high-resolution digital audio as you've never experienced it before, brought to you by audiophile design legends. Exogal has reimagined digital audio technology and builds products from the ground up, creating beautiful designs that produce extraordinary sound and provide a transformational listening experience. The revolutionary technology enables you to hear music exactly how the artist intended it - with no noise, just pure sound - wherever you choose to listen.


Comet and Ion review by Jason Kennedy of HiFi Plus



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Beautiful Design

EXOGAL Audio products are designed and manufactured in the United States, using state of the art mechanical design tools integrated with the latest in milling and finishing technology. Our innovative industrial designs are precision crafted so that our products complement the design and beauty of your home or office.

Innovative Technology

EXOGAL throws out the book when it comes to our technology. We design our processing algorithms to recreate your music in the purest form possible. Some reviewers have actually called it an "analog sound" - high praise for a purely digital approach!



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